Our bouquet subscriptions provide you with beautiful fresh flower bouquets once a week during our different flower seasons! We will contact you a couple of weeks before your subscription starts, letting you know what day of the week will be your pick up day at Pine Creek. Delivery options may be possible for an additional fee. Please inquire if this is an option you would like! Can’t make it for a pick up during your subscription? Share your subscription with a friend! Gift your bouquet to someone who needs a little flower pick me up in their life!

What kind of impact do flowers have on our lives?

  • Flowers have a strong, beneficial impact on those who receive them. 

  • Flowers in the workplace have a positive effect on innovation, creativity, productivity!

  • The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner!

    Basically flowers are just a wonderful way to bring a little more joy, beauty and happiness into life!

2019 Spring Bouquet Subscription

At the end of winter we all are anxiously awaiting spring and all it promises. Everyone is hungry for the sweet scent and color of spring flowers. This spring we will be offering for the first time a Spring Bouquet Subscription. Each week you will receive a sweet hand tied bouquet filled with lush, whimsical & unusual spring blossoms and foliage. 4 week subscription starts in early April. 

2019 Sweet Pea Bouquet Subscription

Who doesn't like the delightful fragrance the of old time favorite sweet peas. One breath of these beauties and it transcends you to your Grandma's garden and the memories of a time gone by. Once again we are offering this popular bouquet subscription. Each week you will receive a lush fragrant hand tied bouquet of darling sweet peas accented with late spring blossoms and unusual foliage. 4 weeks subscription starts late May-early June


Sweet Peas & Herbs

make absolutely beautiful & fragrant bouquets that are unique & special! Are you looking for something out of the ordinary, not your 'run of the mill' grocery store bouquet?? We can help you!

2019 Dahlia Bouquet Subscription

What flower is the Queen of the Fall season more than the dahlia. Full of various textures, colors and sizes, they are most definitely the jewels of the flower garden. Each week you will receive a beautiful hand tied bouquet chalk full of these beauties paired with fall flowering accents and beautiful fall foliage. 4 week subscription starts early September.

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The details.....

 When? Once we see the first of our harvest starting to bud we will be contacting you via email. At that time we will let you know what date your subscription will start and what day of the week your bouquets can be picked up.

Where? Our pickup locations this coming season will be at Pine Creek Farms & Nursery just off of Hwy 2 on Sofie Rd/Monroe.

What if?  you can't pickup your bouquet one of the weeks of your subscription? No worries let us know when that would be, we will allow you to reschedule one bouquet out of the four during your subscription. Otherwise, share your bouquet with someone special or ask us to give it to an unsuspecting person!