questions to answer before doing your own wedding flowers.


·       Do I feel comfortable working with flowers?

·       Do I (or someone I appoint) have at least 8-10 hours the day before and also the day of the wedding to work on making the bouquets, arrangements or other floral needs I may have?

·       Do I have friends and family willing to take on the added stress to take of a large last-minute DIY project?

·       Do I have someone I trust who will set up the centerpieces and other flower decors the morning of my wedding when I and my wedding party will be getting dressed and ready?

·       Do I have a very specific idea of a highly stylized floral design in mind, or will I be okay with whatever happens at the last minute?

·       Do I have the time to hunt down all the vases and other containers myself, and I know what I will do with them afterwards?

·       Do I want to buy all the necessary supplies to make the more intricate wedding party flowers (boutonnieres, bouquets, corsages etc.) or do I want to hire a florist to do those while I handle all the other flower decorations?