Scattered seeds...a flower farm, has it’s home at the beautiful property of Pine Creek Farms and Nursery- a 20 acre family owned farm and event venue located in Monroe, Washington. As Pine Creek's on site floral designer, I focus on growing gorgeous flowers and foliage for our brides! In addition to wedding florals, I love to share seasonal flowers through bouquet subscriptions to local customers, and provide fresh flowers to local florists and designers!

meet gwen 

Hi! My name is Gwen, and I have always had a passion and love for growing and cutting flowers! As a small girl I have fond memories of being enthralled by the flowers of my mom’s own garden. I have been so blessed that in my adult years my husband and I’s work has always involve plants and gardening:) I owned a small scale flower farm and floral design business when my children were young in the 90's and always dreamed of one day growing flowers again for floral design. After years of creating and developing Pine Creek Farms and Nursery along side my husband Paul, I once again had the opportunity to have a flower garden again. A small scale flower garden was planted to provide flowers for a handful of our brides here at Pine Creek. The following year, the garden doubled in size! Since then Scattered Seeds has been providing freshly cut seasonal flowers and foliage to local designers and florists, as well as being artfully incorporated into many weddings that I have had the privilege to embellish. Arranging beautiful bouquets that are both unique & inspired by the seasons is my joy! I absolutely love the process of planting these much anticipated blooms from seeds, tubers, bulbs and cuttings, nurturing them to the final stage of a beautiful bloom or stunning and unique foliage and seed heads that will find their way into beautiful bouquets!

Eucalyptus on a frosty morning

Eucalyptus on a frosty morning

The design


Creating lush floral designs is my passion, I love taking your vision for your wedding flowers and making it all you ever dreamed.

The flowers


Growing unusual and hard to find flowers is important to me! I am always on the look out for something special and unique to grow!

The dirt


Preparing the ground, sowing, planting, care and harvest are all essential areas of my farm. Each season brings unique harvests, as well as things that need to be done for the garden.  I love the process and each season of our year is special.